Advanced Prostate Treatment

Until recently, men with prostate cancer had few prostate surgery choices. The only prostate surgery option was open prostatectomy, involving large incisions and post-operative side effects.

With prostatectomy, the entire cancerous prostate was removed with risk of excessive blood loss, post-op infections, long hospital stays, and considerable pain. After the open surgery, patient’s activity was limited and often resulted in a loss of bladder control and sexual function after prostate surgery due to severance of the delicate plexus of nerves around the prostate gland.Post a QueryPost a Query

Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer at World Class Hospitals in India

A boon for Prostate Cancer patients – Advanced Robotic Prostate Surgery is now preferred choice for Prostate Cancer patients due to following Unmatched advantagesRobotic prostate Surgery

  • Minimal Bleeding
  • Much quicker recovery
  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Lesser pain killer requirements
  • Lower blood transfusion rates
  • Improved preservation of physical appearance
  • Three (3) D vision enables surgeon to perform Prostate excision with Cancer
  • Control without risk of Post Surgery Continence (control over urinary and fecal discharge) and causing Impotency.Request a Call BackRequest a Call Back

World Class Advanced Prostate Treatment in India- Great Value for Money

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