Apollo Hospitals Group in India

apolloApollo Hospitals Group is an extensivechain of hospitals with a strong presence in India & outside.Started by Founder Chairman Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, the flagship hospital of the mighty ApolloGroup was thrown open to public in 1983 in Chennai, India and thus began the healthcare revolution.

We are reckoned as the pioneers of the private healthcare industry in India.We have now forged into the international scene too, with high quality hospitals in Mauritius, Qatar, Oman &Kuwait.With ‘Touching lives’ as our slogan at Apollo, we are proud to say we have succeeded in touching lives of approximately 45 million people in over 120 countries. Apollo Group has also ventured into telemedicine units, health insurance services, global projects consultancy, academic institutions and a research foundation.

With over 10,000 beds, approximately 5000 doctors and more than 64 hospitals spread across India, Asia & Africa, Apollo Hospitals is offering world-class treatment to millions of patients globally today. All our hospitals are equipped with multi-specialty tertiary care facilities.Post a QueryPost a Query

Apollo Heart Institute

ApolloThe Apollo Heart Institutes are regarded as one of the best heart hospitals in India, performing a multitude of treatments and procedures in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery. The scorecard shows an unmatched record of over 1,52,000 cardiac and cardiothoracic surgeries.

Our team of cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons are trained at the top institutes in India and abroad and they are completely dedicated to the prevention and treatment of heart diseases. Our pioneering work for the prevention and treatment of cardiac diseases has led to the achievement of better outcomes and improved quality of life for thousands of cardiac patients who visit us each year with complex heart problems. Apollo Hospitals have best cardiac (heart) surgeons in India & our advanced infrastructure supports the complex nature of the cardiac care provided. Third generation Cath Labs, Cardiac Critical Care Units and Intensive Care Units support our experienced cardiologists and post-operative care teams, making us one of the best heart hospitals in the world.

Cancer Institute

Apollo Hospitals is one of the best cancer hospitals in India for thousands of patients who visit for cancer treatment in India, the Apollo Hospitals Cancer Institute symbolizes hope that Cancer is Conquerable. The Cancer care system at Apollo Hospitals involves over 125 surgical and radiation Oncology specialists as well as diagnostic consultants that offer comprehensive Cancer Care. The mission is to take the fight against cancer to the next frontier, and redefine clinical benchmarks and outcomes.

Apollo Cancer Hospital’s Advantage

Receive personalized care, diagnosis and therapies for oncological diseases with specialized organ-specific tumor boards at Apollo Cancer Institutes. These boards consists of experts from all around involved to discuss diagnostics and therapy options for patients, providing the most beneficial and effective treatment.Apollo

  • Apollo Oncology Team
  • Precise Diagnostics and Equipment
  • High Tech Radiation
  • Individualised Therapy
  • Robotic Cancer Surgery

Apollo Institutes of Orthopedics

ApolloThe Apollo Institutes of Orthopedics is regarded as one of the best & top orthopedics hospitals in India with a legacy of innovation and excellence.

The Institutes are at the forefront in offering the latest in Orthopedic treatments and Orthopedic surgical advancements in India on par with the best centres in the world.

Our Orthopedicians trained at the top centres worldwide, bring with them the latest and best techniques and work in our facilities that have the latest cutting edge technology in terms of equipments, operating rooms, recovery areas and advanced Physical therapy facilities.

We have dedicated & well equipped Orthopedic surgery complexes with laminar flow & various modern equipment like image intensifier, operating microscope, computer navigation system, top of the line arthroscopy system etc.

Apollo Institute of Neurosciences

ApolloApollo Institute of Neurosciences is regarded as one of the best neurology and neurosurgery hospital in India with a legacy of innovation and excellence.

Ably assisted by the latest Neuro-Radiology services, Neuro-Intensive Care facilities and Medical and Radiation Oncology services, our Neurologists and Neurosurgeons achieve outcomes in neurological disease & treatments matching those of the leading institutions across the globe.

The department of neurosurgery at Apollo Hospitals in India is well equipped to treat all the neurological diseases including stroke, headache, epilepsy, coma, neuropathies, multiple sclerosis, myopathies, Parkinson’s disease, Myasthenia Gravis and many more, establishing it as one of the best hospital for neurosurgery treatment in India. Refer a PatientRefer a Patient

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