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Columbia Asia Hospitals set up its premiere state-of-the-art, optimum-sized, and multi-specialty community hospital in Bangalore in 2005. Bangalore has seen the advent of another super-specialty hospital Columbia Asia Referral Hospital to provide tertiary care for patients in the first quarter of 2008. These hospitals integrate evidence-based, internationally-benchmarked medical practices with modern technology while delivering the highest quality patient care. The organization is one of the first to enter the country through the foreign direct investment (FDI) route. As a part of its development strategy Columbia Asia has set-up hospitals in other major Metro cities in India like Delhi and Kolkata.Post a QueryPost a Query

Advanced technological platform:

All our hospitals are connected by a common software operating system that allows for seamless record-keeping, diagnostics and billing.

International Patient Services at Columbia Asia

Columbia Asia Hospitals recognizes that International Patients have special needs and require special attention for their treatments outside their country of origin. In order to provide a highly specialized and personalized service, Columbia Asia offers seamless and holistic service support of world-class quality. Our end-to-end service includes assistance -all the way from choosing a particular Columbia Asia Center or doctors within a specialty, to post discharge recuperative support and guidance.

Internationally certified committed consultants
Columbia Asia has a committed and full-time association with internationally renowned and certified consultants. Such consultants bring with them not only years and years of their experience with international healthcare institutions but also ensure highest quality of treatment to the customers. Modern, affordable and effective healthcare based on ‘evidence-based medicine’ delivered in a hospital with internationally benchmarked infrastructure and exceptional service delivery standards act as Key Differentiator for Columbia Asia Hospitals.Post a QueryPost a Query

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I would just like to thank everyone at the BestIndiaHospitals for making my experience so good. I was examined by a very competent and reassuring ENT surgeon with in hours of my arrival at New Delhi. The surgery has been a blessing and after many years I can now breathe easy and sleep well.Thanks to all your staff from nurses all the way down to the guys who cleaned the room it was all done well and made me feel very comfortable.The food was very good and I had no complaints there either.If anyone in the UK is thinking about having surgery in India No need to be apprehensive, you will do well ..thanks to BestIndiaHospitals.Warm Regards – David M, From UK    stars rating

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