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Chemotherapy is a general term for treatments that use chemical agents (drugs) to kill cancer cells. Many different kinds of drugs are used, either alone or in combination, to treat different cancers. The specific drug or combination used is chosen to best combat the type and extent of cancer present.

Chemotherapy drugs are tested against various forms of cancer in an effort to find out which drugs work against that particular type of cancer. Multiple drugs, each individually effective against a certain cancer, are often combined to try and maximize the effect against the cancer. Drugs are combined so that there are few overlapping side effects, to make the treatment more tolerable. These combinations are then tested in clinical trials to see how effective they are. If a combination works better than the current “standard” treatment, it will become the new standard therapy.

Chemotherapy is an Effective Treatment and can save or prolong life :-

Cycles of chemotherapy may be given daily, weekly or monthly for various periods of time. Time between cycles allows the body to recover from the ill effects of chemotherapy. The traditional ways to administer therapy include injections in the vein (IV), muscle or tumor; oral treatment (pills); or topical applications. Doctors determine the best way to administer chemotherapy based on the type and stage of cancer and the medications to be given.

Newer forms of chemotherapy are being developed and tested research centers throughout the world. Many of these drugs are based on an understanding of the biological differences between normal cells and cancer cells. These treatments are often referred to as “targeted therapies.” The hope is that these treatments will target the cancer cells only and spare normal cells, or at least greatly reduce the side effects of therapy.

Chemotherapy drugs are given for several reasons :-

  • To treat cancers that respond well to chemotherapy
  • To decrease the size of tumors for easier and safer removal by surgery
  • To enhance the cancer-killing effectiveness of other treatments, such as radiation therapy
  • In higher dosages, to overcome the resistance of cancer cells
  • To control the cancer and enhance the patient’s quality of life

Chemotherapy is often used in combination with other therapies, such as surgery, radiation, or hormone therapy. This depends on:

  • The stage and type of cancer you have
  • Your overall health
  • Previous cancer treatments you’ve had
  • The location of the cancer cells
  • Your personal treatment preferences

It’s considered a systemic treatment, which means it affects the entire body.

While chemotherapy has been proven to effectively attack cancer cells, it can cause serious side effects that can severely impact your quality of life. You should weigh these side effects against the risk of not getting treatment when deciding if chemotherapy is right for you.

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