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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is a kind of bariatric surgery / weight loss surgery. This surgery is a restrictive procedure that reduces the size of the stomach and limits food intake, thereby promoting weight-loss.How Can You Get a Free Expert Opinion from Top Cancer Specialists in India

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is performed to manage obesity and stimulate weight-loss in severely obese individuals. Obesity or overweight is a medical problem that is closely associated with conditions like heart disease, hypertension, skeletal problems and diabetes. If not managed promptly, obesity can result in disability and morbidity. Sleeve gastrectomy is the choice of procedure for managing obesity when all conservative interventions fail. During sleeve gastrectomy procedure, 5-7 small incisions are made on the abdomen. Through one of these incision laparoscope (a long instrument with video camera at its tip) is introduced into the abdomen. By aid of laparoscope a large part of stomach is removed and a sleeve or tubular structure is left behind.Sleeve gastrectomy is a minimal invasive procedure and takes1-2 hours to complete.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

No reliable statistics exist yet for how many of these procedures have been done, but gastric sleeve resection is typically reserved for people who are super-super obese, meaning they have a body mass index (BMI) of more than 60, or for those who are not in appropriate physical condition to undergo gastric bypass surgery or other more radical weight loss surgeries.

A BMI takes height and weight into account to measure body fatness, and a BMI of 30 or higher in adults is considered obese.

Gastric sleeve surgery may be appropriate also for people who can’t return for the follow-up visits required by gastric banding.

What Causes Obesity?

The etiology of obesity is multifactorial. Overeating is the primary cause, but – psychological problems, hormonal imbalance, eating disorders, lack of proper directions in diet could all play a part. Likewise, the treatment options for obesity are varied – including diet and exercise, body contouring surgery, bariatric surgery, psychological counseling, endocrine management, etc. The most common causes for obesity include

  • Lack of activity
  • Overeating/ Unhealthy eating habits
  • Hormonal problems like Cushing’s syndrome and PCOS
  • Genetic reasons/ Familial obesity

  • Poor lifestyle.
Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery will help you gain so many health benefits …not just Weight Loss

American Society For Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery has conveyed that systems all over your body can see dramatic improvement in health conditions in almost all the vital areas of human physiology after the gastric bypass surgery.

Who can Benefit from Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery?

Morbid Obesity is a disease which is chronic and lifelong. It is an extreme health hazard with medical, psycological, social, physical and economic co-morbidities.

If your BMI or Body Mass Index is more than 40 you are suffering from Mobid Obesity. BMI is a measure of calulating a person’s excess weight.

Average built 21-25
Over Weight 25-30
Obese 30-40
Morbidly obese >40

If your BMI is more than 40 you must consider Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery as a treatment option that will help you lose weight by altering your body’s food digestion and absorption.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss Surgery can help you lose up to 70 % of your excess weight and save your from so many impending diseases like high blood pressure , Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Strike, Gallstones, Cancer of Breast, Prostate and Colon.

What are the outcomes/results of Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive surgery. It significantly reduces the size of the stomach and limits the amount of food that can be eaten at one time. Small sleeve or tube shaped stomach that is remained after surgery gets full with small amount of food and the person feels satiety even after eating less food. This procedure doesn’t hamper the absorption of food because any parts of the intestines are not removed. Over the time, eating less amount of food results in a decrease in production of hunger hormone and suppresses the appetite. This augments the weight-loss in an individual.

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