Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder ReplacementThe total shoulder replacement is undertaken for treating severe arthritis of shoulder joint, when the persistent pain can’t be managed by the non surgical methods.

Total shoulder replacement surgery gives relieve from pain by replacing the damaged bone and cartilage with metal and plastic implant.Post a QueryPost a Query

High Flex Rotating knee Platform

The shoulder is a bal and socket joint, the head of the humeral stem fitted into socket head of the humeral stem fitted into socket known as glenoid. Knee Implant – Total Knee ReplacementThe joint is held by muscles and tendons as rotator cuff.

In total shoulder replacement, the surgeon replaces the humeral head with a metal alloy implant while the glenoid component is made up of polyethylene plastic, both either anchored by cement or just press fitted to allow bone to grow around them.

Overall it will take around 2-3 months after surgery for any patient to return to pre-operation status as far routine day-to-day activities are concerned. It may take around 3-4 months for a recreational athlete to return to sports, and even longer for a professional athlete (depending upon the nature of sport and the level of competition involved).Request a Call BackRequest a Call Back

Before Your Operation

Wear loose-fitting clothes and a button-front shirt when you go to the hospital for your surgery. After surgery, you will be wearing a sling and will have limited use of your arm.

You will most likely be admitted to the hospital on the day of your surgery. After admission, you will be taken to the preoperative preparation area and will meet a doctor from the anesthesia department.

The components of a reverse total shoulder replacement include the metal ball that is screwed into the shoulder socket, and the plastic cup that is secured into the upper arm bone.
You, your anesthesiologist, and your surgeon will discuss the type of anesthesia to be used. You may be provided a general anesthetic (you are asleep for the entire operation), a regional anesthetic (you may be awake but have no feeling around the surgical area), or a combination of both types.Post a QueryPost a Query

Surgical Procedure

This procedure to replace your shoulder joint with an artificial device usually takes about 2 hours.

Your surgeon will make an incision either on the front or the top of your shoulder. He or she will remove the damaged bone and then position the new components to restore function to your shoulder.

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