Dr Ajay Kaul

Dr Ajay Kaul

Cardiac Surgeon

Chairman & HOD, MBBS, MS, MCh, Fellowship,
36+ years of experience New Delhi, India.

Dr. Ajay Kaul has a vast surgical experience of over 15000 cardiac operations. He is a versatile surgeon whose surgical spectrum ranges from total arterial coronary bypass surgery, Paediatric cardiac surgery, valve repairs, surgery for aneurysm and surgery for cardiac failure. He is trained for heart transplants and ventricular assist devices. He has also performed a large number of over 4000 minimally invasive cardiac surgical procedures.

Coronary Bypass Surgery: Dr. Kaul is one of the finest surgeons for coronary bypass surgery. He has a rich experience of performing one of the largest numbers more than 4000 cases total arterial coronary bypass surgery, using two internal mammary arteries from the chest, with no cuts on the legs and arms.

Surgical Experience:

List Of Treatments

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