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Endovascular SurgeryThe purpose of the endovascular neurosurgery is to avoid open surgery. In endovascular neurosurgery a thin instrument (catheter) and wires are navigated through the blood vessels of the groin to the abnormal vessels’ site, and then diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are followed. This procedure gives better outcomes for medical conditions like brain aneurysm, stenosis of arteries (carotid arteries, arteriovenous malformation), acute ischemic stroke, etc. It is quite similar to the procedures (angioplasty or stent placement) performed by cardiologists.

What is Endovascular Neurosurgery?

The basic term ‘endovascular’ literally means “inside a blood vessel”. Endovascular neurosurgery utilizes tools which pass through blood vessels in order to diagnose & treat various conditions & diseases rather than using the open surgery method. Surgeons often use radiology images during endovascular neurosurgery so as to help them see parts of the body which are involved in the treatment procedure. Surgeons within this specialty also diagnose & treat various conditions of spinal cord utilizing similar techniques, but may not perform them through a blood vessel. These type of procedures are known as ‘minimally invasive’ simply because they normally require just a tiny incision for operation instead of larger incisions which are necessarily required in open surgery procedures.

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